Filip Železný

Dept. of Computer Science
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague
Karlovo namesti 13, 12135 Prague 2, Czech Republic
E-mail: zelezny *at*, Phone # +420224357661


Awards & Projects

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Phd Students

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A. Svoboda Best 2021 Dissertation Award to my PhD student Gustav Šír by the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics for the dissertation Deep Learning with Relational Logic Representations (co-supervised by Ondřej Kuželka)

Best paper of ILP 2017 (G. Sourek, M. Svatos, F. Zelezny, S. Schockaert, O. Kuzelka)

My PhD student Ondrej Hubacek won the 2017 Soccer Prediction Challenge held in conjunction with the Machine Learning Journal special issue on machine learning for soccer. (Invited follow-up paper)

Frontier Prize for the Best Paper of IDA'2016, Stockholm 10/2016 (with my PhD student Petr Rysavy)

Werner von Siemens Prize for the best innovation result in the Czech Republic in 2015, Prague 4/2016 (project team included a few of my students, most significantly Radomir Cernoch)

Best Paper Award of the symposium Theory and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Vienna 4/2002


Sourek G., Bartos K., Zelezny F., Pevny T., Somol P.: Events from Network Flows. US Patent 9374383 (Assignee: Cisco Technology, Inc.)

Zelezny E., Tolarova S., Zelezny F.: Method and device for converting heat energy into mechanical energy. US Patent 7634902

Grant projects & Contractual research

2020 - 2022: End-to-end learning of optimal portfolios. Czech Science Foundation 20-29260S

2018 - 2020: Discriminating compressed and encrypted data flows . Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic OWCVUT2018001

2017 - 2019: Deep Relational Learning. Czech Science Foundation 17-26999S

2016 - 2019: Design of Large Key-Lock Systems by Artificial Intelligence. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TH02010824

2015 - 2015: CyberCalc: Automatic Computation of Key/Lock Systems (Contractual research). Assa Abloy Czech Republic

2014 - 2015: Modelling Network Traffic with Relational Features (Contractual research). CISCO Systems

2012 - 2015: SUPREME: Sustainable Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing Equipment. European Commission FP7-314311

2012 - 2014: Predicting Protein Properties with Spatial Statistical Relational Machine Learning. Czech Science Foundation P202/12/2032

2011 - 2013: Using and creating domain knowledge for classification in bioinformatic applications. Czech Technical University internal grant SGS11/155/OHK3/3T/13

2011 - 2012: Transferring ILP Techniques to Statistical Relational Learning. Czech Science Foundation P103/11/2170

2010 - 2012: Predictive Data Modeling for Effective Gene Therapy and Bone Marrow Transplantation (joint with Univ. of Minnesota). Czech Ministry of Education ME10047

2010 - 2011: Data Mining over Distributed Computing (joint travel grant with Univ. of Mendoza). Czech Ministry of Education MEB111005

2010 - 2012: Learning from Theories. Czech Science Foundation P103/10/1875

2009 - 2011: ProLearn: Bridging the Gap Between Systems Biology and Machine Learning Czech Science Foundation P201/09/1665

2008 - 2010: LeCoS: Merging machine learning with constraint satisfaction (joint with MFF UK Prague). Czech Science Foundation 201/08/0509

2007 - 2010: OntoExpres: Using gene ontologies and annotations for gene expression data interpretation through relational machine learning algorithms (joint with Univ. of Minnesota). Czech Ministry of Education ME910

2006-2008: SEVENPRO: Semantic Virtual Engineering Environment for Product Design. European Commission FP6-027473

2005 - 2006: Logic-Based Machine Learning for Genomic Data Analysis. Grant Agency of the Czech Academy of Sciences KJB201210501

2005 - 2006: Methods of Statistical Search for Improving the Efficiency of Relational Machine Learning Algorithms (joint with Univ. of Wisconsin Madison). Czech Ministry of Education 1P05ME755

2004 - 2006: Research and Implementation of Efficient Propositionalization Methods. Czech Ministry of Education 1K04108